10 by Ten

The ECC is proud to present 10 by Ten at the Warehouse Studio Theatre from 17-27 April 2024!

What if a character on stage suddenly got bored with the play and threatened to go AWOL? What if a character on stage departed from the script and started insulting the other actor? What if the characters on stage realised their scene was rubbish and that they were a meaningless subplot?

Director Heli Pärna has put together a show of ten intelligent and hilarious short pieces that speak to each other, looking at theatre and performance from above, below and sideways. Ten pieces that explore the 'meta' of acting and directing, and that cleverly interrogate what it is to be the lead role, the bit part, the director, and audience.

All based on the brilliant and original writing of contemporary British writer, Andrew Biss, 20 actors take a skewed and critical perspective on the craft of being both actor and writer, playfully examining what it is to be melodramatic, emotionally open, angry and funny.

Linnea Lagerqvist, Anni Koskela, Stéphanie Moyersoen, Bryony Ulyett, Shannon Damery, Cristian Fierbinteanu, Kateryna Sakhanevych, Sophie McQuillian, Joseph Smallwood, Brian Holland, Fiona McGinnis, Tom Mallan, Aravind Dhakshinamoorthy, Celine Vandepoel, Chris Jones, Hannah Riley, Georgios Mantzakos, Karin Kosmel, Patrick Stephenson, Jane Paul.

Tickets: €17. For any questions about group bookings and payment issues, please email tickets@ecc.theatreinbrussels.com.
The Warehouse Studio Theatre
Rue Waelhem 69A