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Breeders by Ben Ockrent

Andrea and her wife Caroline are on a mission to have a baby that shares both of their DNA. Amidst the drink-sodden merriment of Christmas the couple have an idea: if nature can’t help them then perhaps Andrea’s brother Jimmy can? When he and his girlfriend Sharon agree, the two couples are forced to become extremely close. Will the bonds of family hold them together? Or will it all end in disaster? 

The path to parenthood isn’t always straight!

Ben Ockrent’s hilarious play will have you laughing all the way to Sankta Lucia Day!

December 11th - 14th 2019 at The Lamb Theatre, Old Town Eastbourne

Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson

Billy is dead, definitely dead. To make sure of it, both his daughters shot him.
As the gun smoke clears, his family can breathe again - but decades of fear do not melt away so easily.
A new life beckons. A better life. A life without black eyes and broken ribs. 
A life without a father for a lover. Yet every time they close their eyes, they see him: vengeful and malignant.

Billy is dead. But not gone.  

Five Kinds of Silence is an unflinchingly honest and deeply insightful portrait of a family broken by madness and systematic abuse. 

*the play contains sensitive content

There will be a Q&A by the director & cast after each performance