Aberdeen Art Gallery Online | Little People Puppet Making Family Workshop

We’re sorry we can’t provide materials at the moment but here’s a list of simple items you may already have at home: 

Felt Pens and a sharp pencil  

Blue tac/play dough (not essential but helpful for ease in making holes in plastic lids)  

Glue (optional) 

Scissors (pinking shears will be useful but not essential) 

Darning needle (long thick needle with a big eye)  

pipe cleaners 

Selection of fabric – old pillowcases/sheets/shirts/dresses/ jumpers/t-shirts are ideal 

Crepe paper or paper tissues or toilet 


Plastic milk bottle tops 

White, brown and coloured paper/card 

Wool and/or string and/or embroidery thread and/or ribbon 

Lolly sticks or pencils or twigs 

A selection of decorative bits and bobs such as buttons, beads, sequins, stickers, jewel embellishments 

Double sided tape (cellotape will also be fine) 

Aberdeen Art Gallery
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