Toilet Story by Forge

Our Forge theatre makers present ‘Toilet Story: a conversation behind closed doors’. Step past the gendered icons to enter into the public toilet. A complicated space fraught with tension, solidarity, moments of peace and relief, and more. 

You’ll be guided through artistic interventions exploring womanhood through the lense of the public toilet and have the opportunity to witness a limited performance to an extremely small audience. 

Say a prayer at the shrine of Scarlett, patron saint of toilets, listen to the stories of women from 3 different centuries. For this evening only, you are invited into their private space for a fleeting glimpse of their stories.

With only six tickets available per performance, this is a very limited offer. A tiered pricing structure of £3/6/9 has been designed to suit all budgets. Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

All genders welcome. We would recommend this for people aged 14 or over.

Forge is a two-year theatre training led by women, for women. Since 2021, we have been introducing young women to a range of theatre skills, and then helping them specialise in a chosen aspect of the theatre-making field. 





acta Community Theatre
Gladstone Street