Lockleaze Youth Theatre Showcase

Two groups from Lockleaze Youth Theatre will each present a performance on this special double bill evening - one group has looked to the future for their inspiration, the other revisits the past.

School years 7-9 imagine a future Bristol plagued by climate change and plunged under the depths of a seemingly unstoppable flood. Can we rely on the powers that be taking the urgent environmental action that we desperately need, or do we need to take a more collective, direct approach?

School years 10-13 will take us back to 1996 in a time travelling tale where local teenagers become intrigued by the reported ghost of the headless woman said to haunt the grounds of the Dower House. Come join these teens, in the days before mobile phones, as they grapple with local legends and limited technology.

Age guidance 8+ - younger children are welcome but it has not been written with them in mind.

acta Community Theatre
Gladstone Street