Call & Response

About DreamArts
DreamArts is an outreach charity delivering creative and therapeutic projects in London. Friends From Afar is our programme that offers local young people the opportunity to devise an original performance and tour their work to communities around the UK.

We are thrilled to be partnering with acta and sharing a work in progress of Friends From Afar's third show: Love Scripted. Interspersed with a documentary film, Love Scripted follows five characters, each with their own passions, problems, hopes and dreams, as they weave through their various obstacles in search of something better.

About acta
acta is a Community Theatre with a base, and eighty-seat theatre, in Bedminster, the beating heart of Bristol.Since 1985, we have been working to bring together people from different cultures, experiences, and generations to make and share creative work.

We are pleased to share an extract of On my Doorstep by our Cornerstone Group. Expect a thoughtful and heart-warming performance for this crime-fiction play about a single street in Bristol. We are also bringing a curtain raiser to Love Scripted by our Young Carers Youth Theatre. As young people share their response to Friends From Afar’s new show.
acta Community Theatre
Gladstone Street