Tansy E Hoskins - FOOT WORK: What Your Shoes are Doing to the World

FOOT WORK: What Your Shoes are Doing to the World

In 2018, 66.3 million pairs of shoes were manufactured across the world every single day. This adds up to a total of 24.2 billion pairs. They have never been cheaper to buy, and we have never been more convinced that we need to buy them. Yet their cost to the planet has never been greater. Over-production, accompanied by over-consumption in rich countries, have collided to create a world that feels disposable, with innovation and progress funnelled into producing merchandise that can be piled high and sold cheap.

A hard-hitting book with powerful first-hand reporting, FOOT WORK will open discussions about overconsumption, capitalism, the working conditions of the world's poorest people and our relationship with the ‘things’ in our lives.

Tansy E. Hoskins is an author and journalist. She can be found writing about the textile, clothing and footwear industries for The Guardian, Al Jazeera, i-D, and the i paper, or making TV documentaries.

Tansy will be in conversation with local ecologist and nature mentor, Peter Yeo.


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