Dr Michael Mosley - COVID-19; and Fast Asleep

COVID-19. Everything you need to know about CORONAVIRUS and the race for the vaccine.
Fast Asleep. How to get a really good night’s rest.

Award-winning science journalist, Dr. Michael Mosley, will be talking about his two latest books:

‘COVID-19. Everything you need to know about CORONAVIRUS and the race for the vaccine’, brings us a detailed understanding of the Coronavirus, as he follows the trajectory of Covid-19 from its emergence in China at the end of 2019 to its rapid worldwide spread.  Dr Mosley gives a detailed understanding of the Coronavirus, how it jumps from person to person, and how it can be overcome. He talks to leading doctors and virus researchers working on the front line in the battle to defeat this microscopic enemy.

Dr Michael Mosley brings decades of experience as a science journalist to the most important story of our time.

He will also be discussing his second book: ‘Fast Asleep. How to get a really good night’s rest’. Dr. Mosley explains exactly what happens to us when we sleep, and how getting a regular 7-8 hours a night can reduce our risk of depression, keep us slim and help us fight chronic disease.

Prone to insomnia himself, he has taken part in numerous sleep experiments and tested every remedy going to discover what works and what doesn’t. The result is a brilliant, four-week programme designed to break the cycle of insomnia and help you re-establish a healthy sleep pattern.

Michael will be in conversation with Festival Patron and award winning broadcaster, Jeremy Vine.


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£8 each
Option 1: Pulled pork roll with apple sauce and stuffing and herby roasted potatoes, and green leaf salad (GL), with bottled of water.
Option 2: Spinach and falafel burger with sweet chilli mayonnaise, lightly spiced potato wedges - vegan and  gluten free (S), with bottled water.

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