Amanda Owen


Three bestselling books, two hit TV series, 1000 sheep, nine ‘free range’ children, one husband and an assortment of farmyard animals - life for Amanda Owen, the Yorkshire Shepherdess, is anything but dull!

A Sunday Times bestselling author, Amanda’s warm and entertaining accounts of the ups and downs of daily life at Ravenseat, a remote hill farm high in the Yorkshire Dales, have charmed readers everywhere. The hit TV series, Our Yorkshire Farm, featuring the family has captivated more than 2 million viewers each week enthralled by their tough but inspiring way of life.
In Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess, the latest instalment from Ravenseat, Amanda brings readers up-to-date with life on the farm. From tackling the long, brutal winter of 2018, to sharing a love of wild swimming with the children, life at Ravenseat is truly in tune with nature.

With Amanda’s trademark Yorkshire grit and good humour, this is a charming glimpse into a rural way of life unchanged for generations in this Dales community. 

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