Stewart Binns - Barbarossa and the Bloodiest War in History

On 22nd June 1941 the largest military invasion in human history was launched – an attack on the Soviet Union by almost four million men of Nazi Germany’s brutal war machine.

Operation Barbarossa led to the most horrific and devastating military campaign mankind has ever known.  The statistics of death and destruction are almost impossible to believe.  The cruelty, suffering and destitution it wrought are unimaginable – over forty million people lost their lives.  Yet, the real story of the Eastern Front is still not truly understood outside of Germany and Eastern Europe.  Little is known about the soldiers and civilians of Eastern Europe who fought and died trying to save their homelands and their loved ones.  Drawing on remarkable and never-before-seen material, Stewart Binns tells the story of how they lived and survived, and how, once the tide had turned, they exacted an appalling revenge on the Nazi aggressors.

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St. Mary's Church
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