Nick Duerden - Exit Stage Left: The Curious Afterlife of Pop Stars

Sunday 18 September 2022
6.30pm - 7.30pm

Ticket: £12

Writer and journalist Nick Duerdon takes a quirky, thought provoking look at the curious afterlife of pop stars. We live in a culture obsessed by the notion of fame – the heedless pursuit of it, the almost obligatory subsequent fallout. But what’s it like to actually achieve it, and what happens when fame abruptly passes and shifts onto someone else? Nick Duerdon shows how stars can reveal far more of their true selves when they are on their way down and mixes tales of drug addiction, bankruptcy, depression, and divorce, with stories of optimism, a genuine love of making music, humility, and hope. Featuring interviews with the likes of: Bob Geldof, Robbie Williams, Stewart Copeland, Billy Bragg, Joan Armatrading, Leo Sayer, and Justin Hawkins.

Interviewing Nick will be Emma Marston – a former journalist and producer.  Emma is now the Director of local charity Families in Grief, as well as a radio presenter on The Voice.
St. Mary's Church
Churchfield Road
EX39 1RL