The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice
A Play by Jim Cartwright
Directed by Janine O'Callaghan

7th, 8th & 9th July 2022 at 7:30pm

All tickets £12 each
Advised 15+ Strong language and scenes containing sexual references

A timid and brilliant young woman, Little Voice has a hidden talent - she can sing like the greatest divas of the 20th Century.

Living a lonely life in a northern town, all she wants is to be safe in her room with her records. No chance with mother Mari on the rampage – she’s after booze, a man, a greasy breakfast, and a working phoneline. 

When local impresario Ray forces Little Voice into the spotlight, her transformation astounds everyone. Then the battle between mother and daughter truly erupts. 

Funny, brutal, beautiful and sad, Jim Cartwright’s timeless and ultimately uplifting tale is a comic tragedy about finding your voice in a noisy world.

Blackwood Little Theatre
5 Woodbine Road
NP12 1QJ