Talk - A Night of Serial Killers (Preston)

Are serial killers born or made? One thing that we know for certain is that a child's upbringing can put them at risk of becoming a killer or as FBI Profiler Jim Clemente explains: "Your genetics load the gun, your personality aims it, and the events in your life pull the trigger." 

How To Raise A Serial Killer is an informal talk with some dark humour which incorporates case studies and interviews to illustrate how an innocent child can grow into a cold-blooded killer.

Founder of Crime Viral and law-abiding comedian Cheish Merryweather will look at the childhoods, adolescence years and shocking crimes of the following serial killers to determine exactly what went wrong along the way...
This talk looks at the following cases…

- Ted Bundy 
- John Wayne Gacy 
- Jeffrey Dahmer 
- Aileen Wuornos 
- Edmund Kemper 
- Richard Ramirez 
- Mary Bell 
- Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole 
- Richard Ramirez 
- Ed Gein 
- Dennis 'BTK' Rader
- Russell Williams
- Mikhail “The Werewolf” Popkov
- Jerome Brudos

Are you sure you know who you are really sleeping next to at night? 

Date: Sunday 10 November
Venue: Beluga Bar, Preston
Time: 6.30pm
Price: £18 plus £1.80 booking fee
Baluga Bar
11-14 Miller Arcade