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Galashiels Walking Festival 2019

Galashiels Walking Festival 2019:

 Friday 26 April Walk
The Eildons Afternoon hillwalk and Supper.
Check in from 1pm  leave 1.30pm. Approx return time ( at Quinns 6.30pm)
Heading to the Eildons we take in all three peaks of this iconic Borders climb. Created 350 million years ago evidence suggests that there have been people living on the slopes of these hill since 1,00BC.After exploring this marvellous area we return to Gala for supper (included in cost) at local restaurant Quins. After supper there will be a social evening including live music and a short quiz. Transport both ways and supper are included in the cost . Moderate/ Strenuous   3.5  hours   5 miles /10km 300 metres ascent  £12 walk + supper. Walk only £6

Saturday 27 April
Walk 2.1
Torwoodlee Walk to Torwoodlee Broch and Tower.
Check in from 11am leave at 11.30am. Approx return time at Focus 3pm. Return to the town alongside the railway. Historical interest on an easy walk taken at a gentle pace .  Easy 3.5 hours 6.5 miles  /11km   £5  

Walk 2.2 Ladhope and Buckholm.
Check in from 1030am leave 11am  approx return time at Focus Centre 4pm Walking across the town to Heatheryett following the Ladhope Burn to Ladhope Moor.
Good views along the way.  Return from Buckholm alongside Buckholm Tower.  Moderate 5  hours 8miles/13km   £6

Walk 2.3 The Catrail  In conjunction with Discover Scottish Borders.
Check in  from 9.30am leave at 10am  approx return time at Focus Centre 4.30pm A local platform that promotes the myths, legends and ancient sites of the Scottish Borders. Built around the 4th and 5th AD centuries the Catrail is a  linear earthwork that cuts through the Galashiels area.On our way we make our way we will visit sites of Iron Ages forts and a broch. and hear tales and legends of the Roman and Iron Age Transport  included both ways. Moderate/ Long 6 hours 8.5 miles/14km   400metres  ascent   £9 
Sunday 28 April
Walk 3.1 
Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott with Galashiels Rotary Club.
Check in from 11am and leave 11.30am  approx return time at Focus 2.30pm.
Sir Walter Scott loved the Scottish Borders area so much he decided that he would live here at Abbotsford. Walking at an easy pace with a member of the local Rotary Club we will wind our way to Galashiels visiting sites that connect our Border town with the ‘Wizard of the North’. Transport is included to start of walk .  Easy 3 hours 4.5 miles/7.5km  £5 

Walk 3.2 Rhymers Glen.
Check in from 1030am and leave at 11am. Approx return time at Focus 4pm.
A circular walk on low level paths at an easy pace. Walk from Galashiels  to the newly upgraded paths at Abbotsford. Continuing in landscape designed by Sir Walter Scott  past Faldonside and to Cauldshiels Loch and Rhymers Glen . Return by Darnick and alongside the Border Railway back to Galashiels. Moderate 5 hours 9 miles/14km   £8

Walk 3.3 Earlston to Galashiels.
Check in from 9.30am and leave at 10am approx return time at centre 4.30pm
Walk from Earlston to Galashiels by the Leader Water path and Leaderfoot. Continuing from Melrose on low level paths on the Southern Upland Way . One short climb at the end of the walk. Transport included  to start  Moderate/Long 6  hours 10miles /16km    £9 
Focus Centre
Livingstone Place