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Neuro Linquistic Programming in the Borders (NLP)

Have you ever wondered why a few people appear to be massively successful or ‘lucky’ while others ‘get by’?  Do you feel anxious about things, stressed out, lack confidence and got to the stage in your life when you think ‘is this it, is this the way my life is. Would you like to know the things that successful people do differently that’s a real game changer?

We invite you to join us on a four day personal development programme run over two weekends where you will learn how to harness your resources, learning how to use powerful, life changing NLP techniques.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday 16th/17th Feb & 2nd/3rd March
Venue: Treacle Academy, Selkirk
Times: from 9.30am
Price: £245 for 4 days

Treacle Academy
High Street