BSS Summer Festival - One-Act Plays

Our Short Play Competition yielded three very interesting offerings:
'Shortly To Go' by Ilias Konteas and Dimitrios Stasinopoulos, which explores parallels between Shakepeare as he attempts to finish King Lear during the plague year of 1606 and Mary Fortnite, trying to re-invent herself as an author during the pandemic in 2020. This play will have its premiere at this year's FEATS Festival in Luxembourg, and is directed by Tim Myers.

' am I?' by Stephen Challens, delves into the thorny question of the true authorship of Shakespeare's plays, as seen through the eyes of the various contenders for the claim. It is directed by Guillem Chevalier.

'Yellow' by Geoffrey Mamdani, is a play of office politics and romance, with more than a hint of Twelfth Night underpinning the plot! It is directed by the author.
A valid ticket to any of the Festival plays gives free admission to the Festival Sunday Party. More details at the BSS website
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