The Merry Wives Of Windsor

It’s summer 2024 and Falstaff comes to the Garter Hotel in Windsor with his unpaid followers, looking to make some easy 'romance scam' money with his fading charms. His approaches to 'the Merry Wives', Mrs Ford and Mrs Page, excite the jealousy of Mr. Ford, leading to absolute scenes.

The Garter’s host enjoys setting up practical jokes between the local vicar Sir Hugh and Doctor Caius. Another temporary guest, retired Justice Shallow, is there to find a suitable wife for his cellar-dwelling video gamer nephew, Slender.

The Pages are on the same quest for their daughter Anne. Her father favours Slender; Mrs Page, Doctor Caius. But anyone is better than Anne's current 'squeeze', the louche 'bad boy' aristo Fenton. Will the scatterbrained Ms. Quickly - personal message deliverer to all of them - manage to get the right messages to the right people? Who will marry Anne? Who will come out top practical joker? Will Falstaff's scheming succeed? Come and enjoy Shakespeare’s light frothy farce - and the worst joke he ever wrote!
Théâtre Mercelis
Rue Mercelis 13