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ADRIAN... A Musical Fairytale of Happy Endings?... Or is it?

Careline Theatre are proud to host a production by 'Bananadrama' 

ADRIAN... A Musical Fairytale of Happy Endings?... Or is it?

(By Robert Scott) 

Have you ever thought about what happens when those magical  Panto characters go backstage after their final Christmas performance and head back to their lives in Pantoland?
Does Pinocchio ever grow into a real man? Is that Fairy Godmother all she claims to be? Was Wee Willy Winkie brought to justice for neighbour harassment?  Did poor old Robinson Crusoe get parted from his Man Friday and did Bo Peep’s sheep ever come back or did the wolf get to them before Red Riding Hood recognised him? Did  Snow White, Belle, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty ever actually find their Happy Endings?
But the biggest question is my friends.... WHO THE HELL IS ADRIAN???
There is mild bad langauge and innuendo so it is advised to bring children to the matinee when the performance will be adapted for the young ones.

Please direct ALL enquiries to Bananadrama directly using the detail below.

email: bananadramacb@gmail.com
Phone/Whatsapp enquiries: 686 615 397


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Advaned Information Only - We will be bringing you the spectical this May 2020

Dates for the Diary
Saturday 16th May 3pm
Saturday 16th May 8pm
Sunday 17th May 3pm