Sat 14th Poor Visibility Navigation Workshop

Date: Saturday 14th March
Venue: CRiC
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Price: £6.50
Sponsored by: Kevin Walker Mountain Activities

Learn to find your way on the hills in a fog! In this indoor workshop Kevin Walker introduces the skills needed to navigate accurately in misty conditions, including compass work and estimating time and distance. Bring a compass, if you have one, but there should be enough around to borrow one for the lesson. Kevin will have his books for sale - so please bring some cash!

Directions to Start
CRiC - the Crickhowell Resource and Information Centre - is situated on the A40 in the centre of Crickhowell. The PostCode is NP8 1BN.There is a public Pay and Display car park immediately behind the CRiC building, which is accessed from Greenhill Way, by the Fire Station. At the weekends a voluntary donation allows you to use the School Car Park. Continue along the A40 to the Shell Petrol Station. Turn left and the school is on your right.
Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre. (CRiC) CWF HQ
Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre. (CRiC) CWF HQ NP8 1BN
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