Flitch Trials 2022

Tickets for the Flitch Trials 2022 are now on sale!
Any tickets previously purchased for the 2020 Trials will automatically be carried forwards to the 2022 Trials.
If you have any queries relating to tickets from 2020, please send an email to info@dunmowflitchtrials.co.uk
We are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting Flitch Trials year in 2022 and hope to see you there!

Saturday 9 July 2022
Morning Trial (1.25 hrs): 10:30 am
Afternoon Trial (2.5 hrs): 2:00 pm
Evening Trial (2.5 hrs): 7:00 pm

The Dunmow Flitch Trials is an ancient custom with a traceable history back 900 years.  The Dunmow Flitch trials are mentioned by the Wife of Bath in Geoffrey Chaucer’s very explicit 14th century book ‘The Canterbury Tales.’   A book which is still printed and read.   The Trials were commonly known about in 14th century England.   We in Dunmow are proud to keep this tradition alive.  On Trials day - Saturday 10th July 2021 - you are invited to attend one, or all three court sittings at 10.30am, 2pm and 7pm, by purchasing tickets on this site.
Marquee on Talberds Ley - on the green space directly behind the Foakes Hall
opposite 47 Stortford Road
Great Dunmow