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The Father (23-27 October 2018)

What is actually going on in this flat? And who are these people coming in and out of it? And is it even his flat or is he in someone else's home? And if so, how did he get here?

According to the author, Florian Zeller, "The Father is a puzzle with a missing piece and no one ever knows which piece it is". The protagonist, André who is living with his adult daughter Anne, is looking for people to tell him the truth in an ever changing world while trying to make sense of his environment despite the reigning chaos around him. This play is a glimpse into the world of someone with dementia – an illness that leads quite a silent existence, perhaps because many people think, and even more so, hope, that it will never affect them.

It is a brilliant piece, beautifully written by the French playwright Florian Zeller whom L'Express has named the most prevalent French playwright alongside Yasmina Reza. In 2014 The Father won him the Molière prize, the most prestigious award for theatre in France.