Workshop: David Devanny - Poetry and Deep Listening

This workshop explores the interaction between poetry speaking and poetry listening. How does the poet’s ear listen, and how can we listen deeply? In what ways does the world of the acoustic, in nature, incantation and breath, shape the performance of voice and the poetic line.

David Devanny is a multimedia poet and artist who has presented and exhibited work at venues like the Phoenix Cube, HUSK, CAST and The Hatton Gallery, as well as internationally in Paris, Toulouse and at the Prado Media Lab. David also writes more traditional page-based poetry and it can be found in magazines like Poetry Review and The London Magazine, and in book form in Project (Tombstone, 2017) and Wasps on the Way (Mews Press, 2012). He has a PhD in multimedia poetry and the future of the book from Falmouth University where he runs the Creative Writing degree.

Stone Barn
St Endellion
Port Isaac
PL29 3TP