Max Porter - Sponsored by GWR

Max Porter
Sunday 24th September, 1pm
Main Marquee


Max Porter’s astonishing novels are so original they’re hard to compare with anyone else’s and don’t fit readily into any genre or category. If there’s a uniting theme it’s extremity – characters pushed to breaking point – but what truly links his books is the relish with which he wrestles English and hands it back to us like a whole new language. He burst onto the reading world with Grief is a Thing With Feathers, followed with the no less breathtaking Lanny, in which the loss of an unworldly child brings out the best and worst in a commuter belt village. Then came The Death of Francis Bacon, a bravura piece of ventriloquism that was as much monologue as novel and now we have his fourth novel, Shy, portraying a few hours in the life of a troubled teenage boy. Max will be in conversation with Patrick Gale.

The NCBF Main Marquee
St Endellion Church
St Endellion
Port Isaac
PL29 3TP