Membership 2023 / 2024

SALE OPENS: Friends 22 May, Members 29 May 2023 (General booking 5 June)

Individual Friend
Joint Friends  £40
Member  £10

Individual Friend + Garden pass voucher  £45
Joint Friends + Garden pass vouchers   £70
Member + Garden pass voucher   £25

- Only one membership can be purchased within the same order.

- A Garden Pass will be issued upon presentation of the combined Friend or Member + Garden pass voucher when first entering the garden, vouchers must be exchanged by 30 JUNE 2023.  The expiry date of the Garden Pass will be one year from the date of issue.

- The ticketing system applies a booking charge of £1.50 but, to ensure that you do not pay it with your membership, subscriptions will be listed with the fee deducted - i.e. £28.50, £38.50 and £8.50 in order to become £30, £40 and £10 when you pay.
Great Comp
St Mary’s Platt
TN15 8QS