Someone, Somewhere by Pat Davis

In May 1980, 22-year-old Jessie Earl disappeared. Her flat in Eastbourne was left as if she'd just popped out for a moment. She became a 'missing person' until 9 years later when her body was discovered hidden in dense undergrowth on Beachy Head. This is the true story of those nine years of searching by her parents, Valerie and John; the nine years of waiting for Jessie to be found so her spirit could rest.  This brand new play mixes Jessie's evocative diaries, interviews with John and Valerie Earl and poetic monologues based on Jessie's other writings to create a moving portrait of the experience of loss and survival. United by integrity and courage, John and Valerie show how they transcended the tragedy of losing their only daughter, of learning to cope with the loss of all the possibilities that the future would have held for her.

The radio production written by Pat Davis won the Sony Silver Award for 'Best Feature'.

There will be a post-production Q&A with the playwright, directors and cast after each performance

The Lamb Theatre
High Street
BN21 1HH