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An Evening of Sex with Gritty Theatre (Birmingham)

Since the foundation of Gritty Theatre, we have been keen to present new writing, and have been gradually making contacts with established local writers, and are encouraging new ones to put pen to paper.

In our humble opinion, the good people of Birmingham and the Black Country are some of the most inventive storytellers in the country (sit down and eavesdrop in any pub in the Midlands and you will hear stories being recounted, with some storytellers even trying to outdo others). Alas, this is where, for the most part, the stories stoically remain.

We have therefore made it part of our remit to seek out these stories, dramatise them, and return them as theatre to the communities from where they once came. ‘Black Country and Brum-based stories for Black Country and Brum-based audiences’, so to speak!

‘An Evening of Sex with Gritty Theatre’ is our first presentation: three Midlands writers and four plays – and yes, we did think long and hard about the implied innuendo!

Available dates: 
Sunday 3rd December 4pm and 7pm.

Full Price £10
(plus booking fee) 
A.E Harris
109 - 138 Northwood St
West Midlands
B3 1SZ