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Woman and Scarecrow

by Marina Carr

ALL performances are now SOLD OUT : Waiting list now in operation. Please send email to itg.asbl@gmail.com stating your preferred date(s) and number of tickets. In addition, if tickets become available (due to cancellation), and if there is no one on the waiting list for that performance, then you will be able to book them here... so do check.

At a critical time in her life, a woman is forced to confront her life choices. Visions of what might have been, what should have been, what wasn't.

Did things have to be this way?

In this honest and hard-hitting lament to lost potential, there is nowhere left to hide. Jody Quirke brings Marina Carr's brilliant, original and thought-provoking play to life.

Woman and Scarecrow is directed by Jody Quirke, and performed in the Warehouse Studio Theatre.
Tuesday 27th February - Saturday 3rd March 2018, at 8pm
Tickets €16