The Bristol Bridges Walk Challenge

This circular challenge will take you across all the 45 walkable bridges that span Bristol’s main waterways, crossing each bridge just once. The whole challenge is 28 miles, which is ambitious for October, so we recommend you save the Avonmouth bridge section for another day and shorten the route by about 12 miles. You can break it down still further if you wish.

The walk has its origins in an 18th Century mathematical puzzle called The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg puzzle: how to cross each bridge of the Prussian city only once. It’s an intriguing walk and a fantastic way to see Bristol. There’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to the challenge and a medal for you once you complete it even if you do it in chunks.

Distance: 28/16 miles
Difficulty: Demanding
Time: Register 8 - 10am
Meet: The Sunday Festival hub, Ashton Court
Cost: Free

Festival Hub, Ashton Court
Ashton Court Mansion Estate
Church Lodge Car Park, Long Ashton
BS41 9JN