Nordic Walking Workshop: Gentle Walking

Join this workshop about Nordic walking, a fitness activity which uses specially designed poles to help you walk faster, improve your posture and balance and give you a whole-body workout. 
Nordic walking is based entirely on your regular walking and is suitable for everyone, making walker harder if you’re looking for a low impact energetic aerobic activity, and easier if you’re wanting support to help make walking easier.
This taster session is an active session with an experienced Nordic 4 instructor who’ll teach you the basic Nordic walking technique including how to use the poles correctly and how to engage and work your key walking muscles. 
It’s specifically aimed at older adults and those who want to walk at a gentle walking pace.
Poles will be supplied and don’t worry about your fitness level, you can go at your own speed. Session will take around 45 minutes

For more information about Nordic walking visit Nordic 4
For more information about Nordic walking visit

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