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Library Tour

Dates throughout the year 

Climb the spiral staircase to see one of the Cathedral’s best loved treasures, the Library, for yourself and explore some of our fascinating collection.

From Manuscript to the Printed Word

Our library tour for 2024 takes a journey through some of our most interesting hand-written books to the 15th century and beyond when our earliest printed books first appeared. 

Explore some of our oldest manuscripts, who they were written for, why they were written and who read them.  See how the invention of the printing press revolutionised book production, and allowed ordinary people to see, obtain and read books for themselves. 

Included in the tour are an illuminated manuscript of spiritual essays, a dangerous and heretical bible, through to 16th century Arthurian legends and an illustrated 17th century copy of Aesop’s Fables.

Tickets £18

You must be able to climb 35 spiral steps to take part in this tour. Limited seating is available in the library and participants should be prepared to stand for the duration of the tour. 

Dean's Choice: Cathedral Treasures of England and Wales

Wednesday 17 April at 7pm

Canon Janet Gough OBE talks about her new book in which she has asked the Deans of all cathedrals in England and Wales to choose their favourite cathedral treasures.  An Anglo Saxon portable sundial, the Magna Carta, a pair of 15th century pilgrim boots, a pre-Raphaelite painted altarpiece by Dante Rossetti, the Tree of Life painting, the first Bible in the Welsh Language, and the Lichfield Angel are some of the treasures in Janet's book.

Tickets £12

Canon Janet Gough OBE is the former Director of cathedrals and church buildings at the Church of England, and Director at Sotheby's. 

“Janet is a leading authority on historic churches. Working at a national and local level, she is a true champion for the care, celebration, study and survival of the country’s greatest architectural legacy.”

Rachel Morley, Director of Friends of Friendless Churches and interim co Chair the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)

Peggy Knight: A Monologue by Lesley Smith

Sunday 2 June at 7pm

In 1944, a young shorthand typist at the electricity board in North London was parachuted into Nazi occupied France, she had only received two weeks training and one practice parachute jump. Peggy Knight’s extraordinary story is little known but now is the time to find her.  Lesley Smith’s fascinating portrayal comes 80 years after the Allied invasion of France.

Tickets £12

Lesley Smith has been curator of Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire since 2000. She has appeared in over 120 television programmes and is well known for her highly entertaining and informative historical portrayals.