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12D Lev Parikian: Why do Birds Suddenly Disappear? (12D)

Friday 12 July | 16.00

601 bird species have been recorded in Britain (although one, the Great Auk, is now extinct).  As a child, author Lev Parikian was somewhat economical with the truth when claiming numbers of sightings; as an adult, reviving his dormant mania later in life, he vowed to right those childhood wrongs, keeping an honest tally of each species spotted, setting what he believed was a realistic target of 200 to aim for…a doddle, surely? Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear? is not just the story of a challenge undertaken by a lapsed and hopeless birdwatcher - it’s about family, music, nostalgia…the nature of obsession and obsession with nature.   Not to mention being a professional musician who can’t recognise the song of a blue tit…

Tickets £11
If you are a wheelchair user, please book in person or by phone on 01543 306150. A 50% discount is available to essential companions and carers.

Wade Street Church
34 Wade Street
WS13 6HL