Ashley Hickson-Lovence: The 392

Sunday 29 March | 11:00

Set entirely on a London bus travelling from Hoxton to Highbury and taking place over just 36 minutes, the events of The 392 unfold through a cast of charismatic characters coming from very different worlds -  but tied together through a shared suspicion as the threat of terrorism looms.

Told in the first person, Ashley's debut novel powerfully places the reader in the shoes of each character. The 392 is a journey through gentrified London and the experiences and feelings that gentrification creates along the way, but ultimately, it’s the story of people, places and perceptions. 

Listen to 28-year-old Ashley Hickson-Lovence talk about his life, his work going from secondary school teacher to debut novelist, capturing the incessantly changing cultural landscape of urban Britain.

In conversation with Kate Romano.

Tickets £10
For wheelchair users and carers/essential companions (carers receive 50% discount), please book directly on 01543 306150. 
The George Hotel
12-14 Bird Street
WS13 6PR