Assize of Ale

Since medieval times, it has been traditional for there to be an 'assize' of the city's public houses every year to make sure unscrupulous landlords don't cheat on quantity or price - and to check that their ale is drinkable.

This year the assize is to take place on the 19th October and will start with activities in St Helen's Square from 12.30 then the Sheriff will read a declaration outside the Mansion House at 2pm. Participants will be divided into the 3 teams and each will head off into York’s city centre on 3 separate routes visiting a wide cross section of traditional and contemporary pubs.

Wearing medieval costume is optional but greatly encouraged. Costume hire businesses will give a 10% discount on presentation of your ticket for this event.

Taking part in the pub visits is free, but guests are encouraged to purchase a ticket for £12 which entitles them to a dining experience in Stonegate Yard from 5.30pm and includes a donation to the charities.

Tickets available on this site until 17 October 2019


Stonegate Yard
8-10 Little Stonegate