Beauty and the Beast

A Magical Tale of Enchantment, Love & Adventure

Beauty and the Beast by  Warren McWilliams
Holyport War Memorial Hall

Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th December at 7.30pm
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th December at 12.00 noon and 4.00pm

When an arrogant Prince is cursed to live as a beast, his only hope of salvation is to find love before the last petal falls from a magic rose. When pretty village girl, Beauty, comes into his life is this the chance he has been waiting for?

We are delighted to welcome you once more to Holyport Memorial Hall this year.

Please note that all seating is on the flat floor, a factor which is reflected in our pricing structure.  (Feel free to bring cushions or booster seats to lift up your smaller ones)

The flat floor structure means this venue is accessible to most, but if you have any particular requirements, please call the Box Office 07375 111174

Ticket Prices: Adult/Child
Front      £12 / £10
Middle  £10 / £8
Rear       £8 / £6
The usual refreshments, raffle etc. will be available. Please pay with cash if possible, for speed, although we will have a card reader available.

Holyport War Memorial Hall
Moneyrow Green