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Night Must Fall May/June 2017

Mrs Bramson, a bitter, fussy, self-pitying elderly woman, resides in a remote part of Essex, with her intelligent yet subdued niece, Olivia. Mrs Bramson spends all her time making everyone’s life a misery from her wheelchair. She is thoroughly disliked by her servants, Dora and Mrs Terrence; as well as the district nurse and Olivia, whom Mrs. Bramson also treats as a servant.

One day, Dora reveals she is pregnant. Mrs Bramson considers firing her, but then decides she is going to bully the father into making an honest woman of her. The father turns out to be a suave, handsome young man named Dan. He almost immediately charms Mrs Bramson, causing her to forget all about Dora's pregnancy and take Dan on as her private assistant.

Then one night a human hand is found in a rubbish heap outside the house and later on a headless body is discovered. Who killed the woman and what is Dan hiding in his hatbox?

St. John’s Hall
22 West End Road
Mortimer Common