MeatLoud - Bat Out Of Hades

MeatLoud was founded in 2015 by classical vocalist Andy Plimmer. He had already been a solo MeatLoaf tribute act for five years and put together a band of fantastic musicians with backgrounds ranging from classical ensembles to musical theatre to rock and blues.

MeatLoud cover songs from a range of MeatLoaf's albums from Bat Out of Hell (1977) to Bat Out of Hell III (2006). They present a number of MeatLoaf's greatest hits, mixed in with Jim Steinman's songs for Bonnie Tyler and songs by Cher.

Their rich blend of backing vocals, driving piano, out of this world guitar playing, rocking rhythm section and the outstanding vocal talents of Sally Rivers and Andy Plimmer sets the story for each song, creating an incredible experience for all MeatLoaf fans and delivers a night never to forget.
The Neeld
High Street
SN15 3ER