Beauty & the Beast

Chantry Dance’s imaginative new show is inspired by the original folktale of La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast), re-imagined for a 21st century family audience.
Long ago, the vain Lord Bieth wanted to cut down the forest to expand his city. However, the Green Lady put a stop to his plan and, in a fitting punishment, turned him into a beast who is compelled to guard the forest against destruction by greedy city folk. Years later, through the gift of a magical rose, Lord Bieth’s path crosses with the young maiden Áille. She is completely unlike the other self-absorbed city folk and her beautiful heart may just change the Beast’s life forever. 
This engaging new show highlights the importance of preserving natural habitats and asks what is genuine beauty? We learn alongside the Beast that looks count for less than the beauty in your heart, and are encouraged not to base our judgements of someone’s worth on their outward appearance. 
The show features contemporary dance, ballet and circus performed by an international cast including West End dancers and choreographers RAE PIPER & PAUL CHANTRY, and SHANNON PARKER of San Francisco Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre and Britain's Got Talent.

Chantry Dance's 'Beauty & The Beast' teaser trailer - YouTube

There will be a post show Q & A session with the company

Suitable for age 7+

Please note: Haze will be used during this performance
The Neeld
High Street
SN15 3ER