October 16th Love Lee Premiere Productions of Jabs

Saturday 16 October 2021 - 7:30pm

Love Lee Premiere Productions JABS a peek behind the screens
If ever a play was guaranteed to connect with everyone… its JABS. We've all been on the receiving end. But what is life like at the other end of the syringe? 
In March 2020, Three Men in A Bowtie performer Sally Tonge took the unlikely step of retraining as an NHS vaccinator. She soon realised that her Covid-19 vaccination pod was the smallest theatre in the world... and that the procession of people stepping into it were pure comedy gold. 
JABS is played largely for affectionate laughs... with a few gentle moments of poignancy, a smattering of new songs and a touch of audience participation.

It’s a love letter to the NHS. 
Sally plays herself... whilst actors Christina Cubbin and Paul Wilkinson portray an assortment of 16 characters in a play scripted and directed by the BBC's Chris Eldon Lee

Tickets £10 per person Due to Covid compliance will only have a very few tickets available on the night You are advised to book tickets in advance
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