The Guns N' Roses Experience & Pure Jovi (The Maltings, Ely)

ROCK NATION NIGHT - THE GUNS N' ROSES EXPERIENCE & PURE JOVI  - all live on stage on the same night.

THE GUNS N' ROSES EXPERIENCE  are a true professional International touring act and bring 80's Guns to life with a full on High octane show as witnessed by 100's of thousands back in the day of the classic Line up. THE GUNS ‘N ROSES EXPERIENCE have the only singer able to deliver the exact same unique vocal style and stage show synonymous with classic Axl Rose and the only Axl impersonator in the world playing piano just like the iconic vocalist.
We have the only tribute band guitarist officially supported by Marshall Amps, just like the legend Slash himself.
With a true Guns N' Roses sound and stage show, THE GUNS N' ROSES EXPERIENCE   meticulously recreate every visual detail and every musical note to capture that reckless spirit of the original Guns N' Roses legendary high octane live performances.
THE GUNS N' ROSES EXPERIENCE  perform a bone crushing 2 hour set with all the essentials covered including Welcome To the Jungle * Sweet Child o’ Mine * Knocking on Heaven’s Door * Rocket Queen * Live and Let Die and so much more.

As close as it gets - NOBODY DOES IT BETTER

PURE JOVI recreate BON JOVI in sound and vision. All the songs are there.  PURE JOVI play only a handful of shows each year when their individual schedules allow.  All musicians are of the highest pedigree and of theatre level.

Gary Williams is the former frontman of Bon Giovi and n only plays select gigs. The best in the business.

Jon Caulton is the bass player for Pure Queen and Radio Gaga.

Tristan Snowdon-Poole is the drummer for The Guns N Roses Experience, top drawer and the best drummer on the tribute circuit. James Roberts is the guitarist for Limehouse Lizzy.

All musicians do this for the love of Jovi. This band are top.

Pure Jovi ‘You Give love a band Name’
This is just not to be missed.

This show is for a Standing audience.

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Friday, 14th April 2023
 8.00PM  Doors: 7.00PM 
Tickets: Standing Tickets £28.05 (inc booking fee)
The Maltings, Ely
Ship Ln