David Fisher & His Theatres in East Anglia

Promoter – Bob Dickson – Fundraising for The Players Theatre

Saturday 27th July 2019 - 7.30pm

Tickets £10.00

David Fisher (1760-1832) was an enterprising actor and theatre manager of the late 18th and early 19th C whose business-like approach in the management of his actors, and his care of scenery and costumes had by 1800 established a profitable touring Company, ‘the Norfolk and Suffolk Company of Comedians’, largely made up of members of his own talented family. By 1810, he decided that his Company was profitable enough to build his own theatres instead of setting up his plays in inadequate playhouses. Between his first at Lowestoft in 1812 and his last two in Bungay and North Walsham in 1828, David Fisher built a total of 13 theatres around East Anglia which his Company would visit for two months each in sequence thus forming a highly professional 2-year circuit. With access to the research-notes and documents of the late Moira Fields, who was the acknowledged expert on Fisher, Lowestoft historian Ivan Bunn provides fascinating new insights into his History. And in view of current attempts to ‘future-proof’ the last of his playhouses, that at Bungay, the two theatres  ---the Players Theatre in Lowestoft and the Fisher Theatre in Bungay ----are jointly  promoting this evening, with stimulating musical embellishments throughout.

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