Chris Murphy: The Road and the Stars (Violin Music from Around the World)

Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 7:30pm

"Both a wily, charismatic performer and a fire-breathing virtuoso of the violin, Chris Murphy crams more musical mileage into a short set than most players do in an entire tour." - FUTURE MUSIC MAGAZINE

Presented with the Teahouse Music Company and Mana'o Radio

Tickets $35

 For Murphy, the path forward is charted by looking backward, to the troubadours and minstrels of ages past. Forget the exaggerated reports of the music industry’s demise. It’s only the record industry, a relative blip in the history of putting tones in sequence, that’s suffering. Music, and the opportunity to make a life’s work out of it, well, that’s not going anywhere.

Los Angeles based Chris Murphy has 19 solo albums to his credit and has produced an additional 12 albums for other artists. Chris has been a full time working musician for 36 years and performs 200+ shows/year of all original Violin music in a variety of formats including; solo, duo, trio, quartet, and quintet. He has toured Europe five times with his original music and has a Music school in Los Angeles called The Blacktree Music School. Chris is a graduate of New England Conservatory of music. 


Run time: 105 mins with intermission

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