SURPRISE SHOW: The Wind Monkeys, with Opener Arlie Asiu

Saturday, September 16th at 7:30pm
Presented with Mana'o Radio

Wind Monkeys plays music for your heart, your brain, and some of your other organs. Join us for a run of classic songs you’d forgotten you remember, plus a sprinkling of originals. Ukulele and guitar maestro Arlie Asiu opens up the evening with good-vibe, instrumental tunes, and special guests Dave Fraser and Jerry Crow contribute sultry blues keyboards, tasteful guitar twang, and vocals to the mix. Mike Freedom holds down the Monkey beat, and Chris Magee will warble and strum til the monkeys come home.

Tickets just $20 
Premium Seating: $25 (
Extra large and comfy front row seats from A1 to A6 with side tables)

Run time: around 2 hours with intermission

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About Arile:
Arlie-Avery Asiu grew up on Maui and was first introduced to the ‘ukulele by his uncle as a
youngster. A few years later, as a fourth grader at Wailuku Elementary School, he joined his
classmates in learning to play classic favorites like You Are My Sunshine. At the tender age of
nine years old, he started composing his own music. To date, he has recorded and released four
instrumental ‘ukulele albums comprised of all original music, written, composed and performed
by Arlie-Avery.
Two of the albums, “Ukulele...Off the Couch” and “My Dog Has Fleas” earned Arlie-Avery Nā
Hōkū Hanohano Award nominations in 2017 and 2018. His music is best known for
incorporating a variety of music genres, from jazz to rock, and from classical to Hawaiian. His
musical stylings blend ‘ukulele with cello, bass, saxophone, various percussion instruments
and—in true Hawai‘i style—a rubbah slippah. Arlie’s enthusiasm shines through in his
refreshingly upbeat music. He prefers fancy finger picking over strumming and loves to
experiment with unusual tunings. He doesn’t play it safe—he stretches himself artistically.
His latest album entitled, “Arlie & His Magic ‘Ukulele”, was released in November 2021. It was
inspired by the late Uncle Willie K, who often spoke about his desire to write a children’s book
with the same name. Arlie-Avery had the privilege of playing his original music as a regular
opening act for Uncle Willie K’s Thursday night Blues show and Sunday Brunch at the King
Kamehameha Golf Club.
These days, Arlie-Avery can be found in the studio recording his next album, which will feature
his love of other stringed instruments, including the electric and acoustic guitar. He enjoys
performing for a variety of events around the island of Maui and teaching ‘ukulele lessons to
people of all ages.
ProArts Playhouse
1280 South Kihei Road
HI 96753