Jellyman's Daughter live at The String

Jellyman's Daughter - Scottish duo Emily Kelly and Graham Coe - previously charmed local audiences in Lerwick and Sandwick on a visit to Shetland with The Stray Birds. Now they're back for their own headline date in support of their brilliant 2018 album Dead Reckoning along with an EP of new material due out in early 2020.

Their sound lands squarely in the middle of an intriguing crossroads between bluegrass, post-rock, folk and soul, managing at the same time to sound not a whole lot like any of those genres. Emily and Graham write their songs together with a focus on doing something new, mixing their intimate vocal harmonies with wild and visceral cello, driving guitar and sweet mandolin, often complimented brilliantly by banjo (Jamie Francis) and double bass (Paul Gilbody/Herbie Loening).

Tickets priced £15.
The String Shetland
88 Commercial Street