The Rude Mechanicals - Little Lily Harley

Rescheduled to Sunday 15 August - 7:30pm
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'Little Lily Harley' is a spectacular outdoor performance by The Rude Mechanicals Theatre Company - comprised of experienced, top quality professional physical theatre actors and actor-musicians trained in mime, clown or commedia.
Their acting style uses large comic and often acrobatic movement and physical jokes called lazzi and burli, much of it part of centuaries old tradition, but using Pedrolino style white faces – pantomime blanche (rather than leather masks) – and bright coloured vibrant ‘cartoon-ised’ costumes.

This particular performance will convey the thrilling story of Charlie Chaplin's childhood triumph over adversity.

‘Little Lily Harley’ is about Charlie Chaplin’s childhood in Lambeth. Sometimes cared for by other people, sometimes in a disciplinarian school for orphans & destitute children, sometimes separated from his brother & sometimes living on the street (as a child!), he nevertheless managed to triumph over all this to become arguably the greatest film actor ever.

Hannah Chaplin, his mother (stage name ‘Little Lily Harley’ – and the play is as much about her), taught Charlie how to go, as we call it, ‘though the little door’ into his imagination. Here he could dream & be anything, rehearse the characters he met, especially their walks, & escape from his pain.

“When I wrote this play in 2019, I could not have known how apt it would be for today. The message of hope & triumph over pain, through the imagination & laughter, is really important for today because people are desperate to see theatre, escape for a while & feel what hope can mean. That is why we must do it!” (Pete Talbot – Writer & director).

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Rescheduled to Sunday 15 August - 7:30pm
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