Story Café

Bring a cushion and a cuddly toy to our creative storytelling events. Enjoy crafty projects, themed activities and a teatime treat - the perfect afternoon outing for families with small children.

24 September – A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
“Wise old man, won’t you help me, please? My house is a squash and a squeeze.”

​“A bit of a classic... A goat on the bed and a cow on the table tapping out a jig? My readers collapsed in heaps and then had to have it read again. And again.” – Vivian French in The Guardian

26 November – Mrs McTats and Her Houseful of Cats
“In a small cosy cottage
Lived Mrs McTats.
She lived all alone
​Except for one cat.
​But soon by twos and threes, and then four and more,
New cats come scratching at Mrs McTats’ door...”

Tickets £4 per child (£2 under 2) – includes themed teatime treat and drink
Most suitable for ages 3+
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF