EMC - ‘Joglaresa’

Belinda Sykes   voice, bagpipes 

Jeremy Avis       voice

Stuart Hall          oud, vielle

Tim Garside       nay, percussion 

Jean Kelly         harp, vielle

The Scimitar and the Sword

A Radical reworking of the Crusades theme - Joglaresa perform songs and poetry directly related to the Crusade Wars by medieval Arabs, Jews and Christians. Laments to touch the soul and pierce the heart, subtly interweaved with lighter anecdotes by the sharp-witted Arab chroniclers. This is the first time any early music group has researched such a programme, and represents the first modern performance of these songs.

Saturday 9 May 8pm
£15 (students £5)
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF