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Free Night at Mock Tudor Comedy Club

Mock Tudor Comedy Club presents another one of our FREE ENTRY Sunday nights with emerging and more established comedians. It's gonna be  FREE and FUNNY! So If you fancy a FREE  laugh and want to support the club in a relaxed, friendly and, ahem, enlightened comedy atmosphere on a Sunday evening, please do come along.
Confimed line-up includes Will Duggan, Ben Pope, Darren Walsh, Chelsea Hart, Chloe Petts, Nick Elleray and Guest MC Jake Lambert.
Did we mention it's FREE entry? Grab yourself a FREE ticket here, so we know how many chairs to put out!  
Sunday 14 January 7.30pm
+ FREE BAR (just kidding...)
PS - We might shake a collection bucket at you on the way out, so if you've enjoyed yourself, chuck in a few coins, credit cards, bits of chewing gum, unwanted kittens etc.. and everything we collect will be shared out amongst the comedians.
Thank you for supporting live comedy!
Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF