One Click Away

In a world of instant gratification, selfies, likes, retweets and trolls, ‘One Click Away’ looks at how our stone age bodies deal with this hyper- speed cyber life and how it helps or hinders our happiness. This fast-paced and funny show combines witty, original storytelling and puppetry to create a powerful exploration of the ways that social media, advertising and other online activity can hook us into unrewarding and ultimately destructive patterns of behaviour. Strangeface and Story Pocket Theatre are award-winning theatre companies renowned for their puppetry and storytelling. Here the two companies combine their skills to highlight current issues with the aim of empowering young people to question and make positive decisions in the use of the internet.
Age 9+

Saturday 7 July - 4pm
Tickets £9, £7 student/child

Riverhouse Barn
Manor Road
KT12 2PF