Recent Research at Mousa, Scatness and Jarlshof

Recent Research at Mousa, Scatness and Jarlshof: A series of short talks from five archaeologists who have been all working on recent research projects involving Mousa, Scatness and Jarlshof as well as further afield.

Dr Li Sou recently graduated from her PhD, a partnership between the University of Bradford, Historic Environment Scotland and Shetland Amenity Trust. Her research examined the use of new cutting-edge digital documentation visualisations alongside legacy archived datasets for new archaeological research, conservation applications and outreach. It focused specifically on three Shetland monuments which are on the UK Tentative List for world Heritage Status; Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age village, Jarlshof Prehistoric and Norse Settlement, and the Broch of Mousa. Li  will summarise some of her key findings in this research project, with a particular focus on the design and development of the  Shetland in the Iron Age interactive iBook, which is being unveiled on Friday at Shetland Museum and Archives.

Other speakers:

Lyn Wilson
Cultural Heritage Conservation: The Role of Digital Technologies & 3D Data at Historic Environment Scotland
Lyn Wilson, Historic Environment Scotland, has been at the forefront of creating accurate 3D models of the historic assets HES looks after to support our conservation decision-making. She will explain what this means for Mousa and Jarlshof. 
Lyn will also introduce a new citizen science project, Monument Monitor, which aims to collect visitor photographs of Ness of Burgi to help in monitoring the conservation. 

Andy Wilson (Professor, University of Bradford)
Visualising Heritage
Professor Andy Wilson, University of Bradford, has been developing uses of digital recording on archaeological sites.

Gavin Douglas (Historic Environment Scotland/University of Stirling)
Conservation Strategies on Archaeologically excavated structures in a Climate Change(d) Future
You may have noticed a series of drystone walls in the field next to Old Scatness. These are part of a study by Gavin Douglas, Historic Environment Scotland and University of Stirling, into how well stonework survives on excavated sites and what that might tell us about looking after sites against a background of climate change.

Val Turner (Shetland Amenity Trust)
The Future of the Past: Old Scatness 
Val Turner will reveal what lies ahead for the future of the past at Old Scatness.

Date: Thursday 26th May
Time: 6-9pm (there will be a tea and comfort break after the first few speakers)
Venue: Auditorium, Shetland Museum & Archives
Ticket price: £5.00
Shetland Museum & Archives
Hay's Dock