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Space Invaderz

Embark on an extraordinary cosmic journey with Fresh Air Events' latest adventure for 2024 – SPACE INVADERZ! 
Prepare to be mesmerised as we launch into the celestial wonders at the Foxhall Transmission Station in Ipswich. This out of this world experience awaits you on the nights of February 24th and 25th, 2024.

 Event Highlights:

•⁠  ⁠Stargazing Extravaganza: Peer into the mysteries of the night sky through telescopes manned by seasoned professionals from the Orwell Astronomical Observatories.
•⁠  ⁠VR Space experience:  Put on you head set and step into the virtual world and let your imagination run wild as you experience the latest VR space adventures in a computer generated world.
•⁠  ⁠Enlightening Talks: Engage in riveting indoor sessions with expert astronomers who will unravel the secrets of our vast universe.
•⁠  ⁠Interstellar Selfies: Immerse yourself in the cosmos with our incredible indoor selfie stations featuring cosmic props and a giant astronaut.
•⁠  ⁠Glowing Cosmic Fun: Challenge yourself to an out-of-this-world game of cosmic ten-pin bowling in a mesmerising glow-in-the-dark setting.
•⁠  ⁠Crafts, Fun, and Games: Explore indoor activities that promise entertainment for all, ensuring a night filled with laughter and cosmic camaraderie.

Additional Excitement (Extra Cost):

•⁠  ⁠Culinary Delights: Indulge in delectable food and drinks to fuel your celestial exploration.
•⁠  ⁠Fireside Delights: Savor the warmth of the fire with marshmallows as you share stories and marvel at the wonders above.
*  Don't let cloudy skies dampen your enthusiasm – our indoor activities guarantee an unforgettable experience even if the weather doesn't cooperate!

Save the Date:

•⁠  ⁠Date and time: 2024 February 24th and 25th 18:00 - 21:00
•⁠  ⁠Location: Foxhall Transmission Station, Foxhall road, Ipswich IP10 0AH
•⁠  ⁠2 and Under go free.

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Join us for a cosmic adventure like never before! Space Invaderz promises an evening of awe, wonder, and celestial delights. Book your tickets now for an experience that's truly out of this world!